Hi, I'm Gina.

I'm a writer and editor by profession, but a traveler by passion. I like chili peppers, textiles, markets, the smell of pine forests, Silk Road history and always trying something new.


And this is Cory.

He's the one who's really good at photography. He likes sweets, fishing, orchids, birds, Mayan ruins and trying to blaze trails through what Gina considers impassable terrain.

What's This Time Tomorrow?

It's a song by The Kinks. A while back, I was sitting on an airplane headed to Peru and I switched on my iPod just after we'd gotten the OK to fiddle with our electronic devices (back when that was a rule). "This Time Tomorrow" was the first song to come on, and its perfectness as a travel anthem smacked me in the face. Ever since then, it's the first song I listen to on any trip.